Twentynine Palms Child Photography: Claire’s Cake Smash

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A Twentynine Palms Child Photography Cake Smash Session

At the end of last year, Claire’s family had an awesome rock climbing session in Joshua Tree where her brother Paul stole the spotlight, climbing all over the boulders like an experienced rock climber! Well, this cake smash session was Claire’s turn to shine…and boy did she! Claire’s mom went all out, planning every last detail, from the homemade cake, tutu, and onesie to bringing along her special panda and mom’s wedding shoes. Claire did a great job devouring her cake and PaulĀ even got in on the fun, feeding Claire with a fork. Towards the end of the session, Claire was getting a bit tired. It was so cute when she started sucking her thumb between bites of cake! Such a perfect cake smash! Happy Birthday Claire!

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