Fun Photography for Young Families in Oceanside California

November 20, 2019

Fun Photography for Young Families in Oceanside California

FUN Photography?! Is it possible for a photo session with young kiddos to be fun? You bet! Its not always easy to get everyone on the same page but I work really hard to make sure some fun is had in the process. Are you feeling the fun vibes with this crew? I hope so!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on the blog yet…or have I? I’m making sure that I’m having fun with my photography business lately too. I’m taking a long overdue social media break on my business pages on Facebook and Instagram and it has been just amazing. I’ve been using my google platform and my blog (sometimes, haha!) and the clients continue to roll in. Meanwhile I feel like I’m not in the business of bombarding people with constant requests for attention which is honestly so refreshing. I am in the business of photography and doing what I love! Yes!

Don’t get me wrong…when my business was fresh and new, social media was everything. I relied heavily on my personal network and their personal network and so on. 4 years later I don’t feel like I am still in that place. I can just be a photographer who takes beautiful pictures. I am open for business and people who love my style find me when they need my services.

One day when I am a rich and famous photographer, I’ll be sure to hire a social media person to get me back in the “network.” Haha! In the meantime, I’ll be here doing my thing!

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