Professional Portrait Printing with San Diego Family Photographer Marisa McDonald Photography

Professional Portrait Printing with San Diego Family Photographer Marisa McDonald Photography

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I’m a San Diego Family Photographer and I care about your memories! Family pictures are awesome right?! We all love them. We love sharing them on social media. We love “liking” them on social media. We love sending holiday cards covered in them. In fact all of my sessions include digital images because I know you love them! But I’m going to challenge you and ask the dreaded question today! When is the last time you printed your family pictures? Now I know some of you are on it! Way to go…you rock! Some of you scour the internet for great resources, design albums, hang canvas, the works. I support that and I even make sure all of my full sessions include at least one professional print of each image so you have a standard to compare against to make sure you are receiving the best color and quality!

If you haven’t been printing your pictures, I want to encourage you to do it! How long ago was it that floppy disks were the standard or even CDs? Not that long ago! And guess what? I can tell you my latest Macbook Pro doesn’t even have a CD drive anymore! What if your hard drive crashes? Are you confident in your backup system? Will you even have time to sort through all the files in 20 years? In 20 years, I can assure you that you will want some treasured memories in print!  You will want something your children will know how to access when there are no more USB drives! Whether you print your images yourself or print through my professional lab, I hope you do PRINT! And for those of you who want a full service experience with gorgeous quality prints and who want the guess work taken out of printing your memories, read on! I’ve got you covered!

Here’s just a little sneak peek of some of my favorite product offerings. All of these products are from professional labs who offer the greatest quality and consistency, ensuring that your prints and other products will stand the test of time and live up to the investment you made in doing a family portrait session in the first place.

#1  This sweet little box includes a professionally printed 4×6 print of each of your images and a wood USB drive. The perfect little tangible reminder of your session.

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#2  Canvas Connectibles are up next! I can’t tell you how much I love this product. As you will see I’ve even printed one for my own family to document a trip we took up to San Francisco. Its such a great way to display a wide variety of pictures from your session, featuring different moments and different details that come together to tell the bigger story of your unique family! I also love that they come already connected and ready to hang, taking all the guess work out of measuring out the perfect arrangement of pictures. You choose which pictures you want included and what order you want them in, we take care of the rest!

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#3 I can’t get enough of these gorgeous and unique Album blocks. The idea is a product that is much like an album (it includes ten mounted 8×10 images) but it also serves as a way to display portraits in your home. You can rotate which of the ten images sits in front on display and flip through them anytime you like.

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#4 The Deluxe Matted Album is up next. This is an upgraded slip in album featuring 10 5×7 prints. Its a beautiful, classic way to keep your treasured memories accessible and looks great on the shelf. Custom press printed albums are available as well!

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#5 Last but not least, you’re getting a glimpse at my own family’s canvas collection and a second one that I’ve designed digitally! Your own canvas display could be as simple as one big statement canvas or could feature a collection of different sizes that work together to create more of a gallery effect! Either way, I am happy to design something perfect for you and can even digitally display what your images will look like on your wall before you purchase (see the second picture for an example of how I can digitally design a wall for you)!

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Are you a former client who’s ready to make the leap and get those images printed? Or are you interested in booking your family’s session to get the process started? Email I’d love to help!

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