Fun Photography for Young Families in Oceanside California

FUN Photography?! Is it possible for a photo session with young kiddos to be fun? You bet! Its not always easy to get everyone on the same page but I work really hard to make sure some fun is had in the process. Are you feeling the fun vibes with this crew? I hope so!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned on the blog yet…or have I? I’m making sure that I’m having fun with my photography business lately too. I’m taking a long overdue social media break on my business pages on Facebook and Instagram and it has been just amazing. I’ve been using my google platform and my blog (sometimes, haha!) and the clients continue to roll in. Meanwhile I feel like I’m not in the business of bombarding people with constant requests for attention which is honestly so refreshing. I am in the business of photography and doing what I love! Yes!

Don’t get me wrong…when my business was fresh and new, social media was everything. I relied heavily on my personal network and their personal network and so on. 4 years later I don’t feel like I am still in that place. I can just be a photographer who takes beautiful pictures. I am open for business and people who love my style find me when they need my services.

One day when I am a rich and famous photographer, I’ll be sure to hire a social media person to get me back in the “network.” Haha! In the meantime, I’ll be here doing my thing!

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Family Photography for Real Families in Oceanside

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Family Photography…Do you ever feel like it isn’t really family friendly (or toddler or kid friendly or husband friendly)? Kind of ironic right? Let’s take “family” photos and make sure the kids all act like grownups! Sometimes I’ve been known to tell my kiddos I want them to act like they are 39, lol! But when it comes to family photos, I actually do kinda want them to act their own age (even if its a little more difficult or unruly). On that note, I hope you enjoy this “family friend” family session with two little toddlers who were perfectly themselves and it was magic!

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Rustic Red Truck Session

Fall Family Portraits in Oceanside hit a whole new level with this adorable family last weekend. From the antique red truck to the cactus and the rustic Las Pulgas Barn on Camp Pendleton, this session is going to remain one of my favorites for a long time! Best of all I loved how this family had a comfortable, easy demeanor in front of the camera that made for some really sweetly authentic images!

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Family Photo Session in La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is easily one of the most breathtaking spots in the world…and its practically in my back yard (what a life!). I have had the privilege of photographing this sweet family two years in a row and it just keeps getting better. Ashley is a fellow (super talented) photographer. I am blessed to be able to call on her to work with me on weddings and honored that she chose to work with me for her own family photos! When we started talking about locations for this year’s session, I knew Ashley would be up for an adventure for the right location! This particular location in La Jolla required us to drive about an hour but it was SO worth it for the unique cliff sides and cave-like features surrounding this breathtaking ocean view! Add in all the sweetness that this family has to share and this session is definitely one for the memory books!

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I am here today to answer the age old question…what are the best shoes for Wedding Photographers (or teachers, or waitresses, or anyone else whose job keeps them upright ALL.DAY.LONG!)? If you are a member of any women’s Facebook groups, you KNOW that women from certain professions are CONSTANTLY begging the group to tell them the name of the magical shoes that will not kill their feet after standing all day. Wedding photography is the ultimate endurance sport. After an 8 hour wedding, you literally feel like you just ran a half marathon. (I would say a marathon but I have never actually run one myself so I don’t want to make any false claims! 😂)

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Rothy’s Persimmon Heel Stripe

Rothy’s to the Rescue!

Recently I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to try a pair of Rothy’s for myself when I photographed them for Daily Mom Military’s Mother’s Day Gift guide. Ladies who live on your feet rejoice! Rothy’s are the answer to your age-old question. I can tell you that after a full wedding day, I’m still exhausted but my feet are happy with Rothy’s! Meanwhile these shoes are also super cute and come in so many colors and patterns! And get this! You can wash them! In the washing machine! This is HUGE if you buy one of the lighter colors. Let’s just say I promptly ordered a second pair!

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Eco-friendly Shoes

Rothy’s Are Eco-Friendly

Not only are Rothy’s cute and comfortable for long days on your feet, they are also eco-friendly so you can feel good about choosing them! These adorable shoes are literally made out of plastic bottles. In fact they have repurposed over 30,000 plastic bottles over the past 3 years!

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Thinking about getting your own pair? Don’t think anymore! I promise you won’t regret it! In fact, I’ll make it super easy….You can get $20 off with this link!


  • If you get the pointy toe style, go a size up!
  • Break your Rothy’s in for a week before you wear them all day. After that they’ll be PERFECT!
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Wedding Photographer Life
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