Marisa McDonald Photography Small Business Feature with Whitni Vasquez, Beachbody Coach


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Marisa McDonald Photography Small Business Feature with Whitni Vasquez, Beachbody Coach


Meet Whitni, a local health, wellness, fitness, and lifestyle Coach with Beachbody! Whitni is passionate about helping other women identify and meet their personal health goals by connecting them with the right fitness and nutrition tips and tools. Whitni has a team of coaches that she leads and that team is constantly growing. She serves about 50 clients per year with things like accountability groups, challenge groups, nutrition support, fitness programs, and even in person group fitness opportunities!

From personal experience, I can tell you that Whitni is a caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated coach. The best part? She’s been there! A huge part of her story is her journey from sickness to health and fitness! Whatever you’re struggling with on your journey, she understands and can guide you through! Check out my interview with Whitni below and contact her today if you’re ready to get some support to make positive lifestyle changes!

My clients are mostly women, college students, moms (like myself), that want to take back their health and find their confidence again! I love every single person that I get to work with because while they are working on their journeys they are inspiring me at the same time to keep striving to be the best version of me!

I personally had quite a few health issues and 55 lbs of my baby weight that was just such a burden on my life and those around me. I started to immerse myself in research and learn about nutrition and how to take back my health because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was able to FULLY recover from using any type of thyroid medicine, as well as overcame adrenal fatigue, eczema, and a lot of other ailments! I am walking, talking, living proof that the proper nutrition + support + fitness gives efficient and long lasting results! As a coach, I get to help everyone find their energy and their confidence again, and help others create goals and actually succeed in them! It was and has been one of the best things for me and my family and I want everyone to have that same great feeling!

When I get messages from friends who have participated in Challenges months later and they share just how far they have come in their journeys, the impact that their healthy changes has made on their marriages, their families, and others around them, that truly makes me tear up and appreciate this opportunity to serve others like this!

My biggest challenge is balancing faith, family, myself, and business. It’s something I am consistently working on and I have to stay very conscious about planning out my days!

What I have heard the most from my friends that are in challenges with me recently this year is their gratitude for me just believing in them and not giving up on them.

I have been able to build a team of beautiful inspiring Coaches who are building their own teams now. I see them consistently stepping out of their comfort zones and succeeding and stepping into their own leadership roles! It really gets me fired up to lead them with even more ferocity, because the more coaches we have on our team, means that we are reaching out to that many more people every single week to invite them to join us on this life changing journey!

I am passionate about helping others feel their absolute best, finding their confidence and belief in themselves again! I love seeing others happy and succeeding! I also would love to invite anyone local to my healthy brunches and Saturday Fit Club, so contact me for more info regarding these on going events!

You can find her on Facebook or through Beachbody. I know she’ll take good care of you!

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