2017 “Dream Sessions” by Marisa McDonald Photography: Invest in Your Family’s Memories

June 8, 2016

2017 Dream Sessions By Marisa McDonald Photography: Invest in Your Family’s Memories

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I know I’ve been guilty of it. I used to feel the pressure to get family portraits just to check it off the to-do list. I’d wait until the last minute, find whoever I could just in time to get some obligatory Christmas cards out the door. “Oh its only $30?” And I get digital images? Awesome! Sold! I’ll meet you at x location, pose for you for an hour or so and wait for my CD.” Then I would post my digital images to Facebook, send a Christmas card, and maaaayyyybe print a few for the wall.

Here is something to consider though…Are your family’s portraits just a commodity? How do you decide what your portraits are worth. If you can get pictures done for $50 at the mall is that the best choice? Well for some it is. We all have to be wise with how much and when we invest but as someone who used to think of pictures as a commodity, I’d like to tell you that your family’s portraits can be art worth investing in. With the right photographer your family portraits are an investment in your family’s memories for years to come. They are not just this year’s holiday card or your next Facebook status. They are the art you will see on your walls all year and hopefully for many years to come. They are also the art you will pass down to your children and grandchildren. It is what your children and grandchildren will look at as they wonder about who you were, what you thought about, what you valued.

I should also point out that a good photographer is not just asking YOU to invest. A good photographer is also investing…investing in the best camera equipment, the best lighting, the best training, the best media and programs to communicate with you professionally, the best software, insurance, licensing, accounting (to help with legally paying taxes), props, accessories. Most of all they are investing their time to get to know you and understand your vision, to dream about your session before it even happens, to continue learning and growing, and to edit your images to perfection. This is what I am doing. I am investing in my clients and their dreams!

If you are ready to stop buying photography just for holiday cards and Facebook and if you are ready to invest in your family’s memories for years to come, I am ready to invest in you! We are only limited by our creativity and our investment and I am ready to go all in! The sky is the limit! Have a dream location? Let’s travel there! Want some underwater shots? Let’s make it happen! Want to be fully styled? Let’s design a vision! Drooling over a perfectly styled newborn session? Let’s make it happen! Want to capture your family life out on the town or in your home? I’ll bring the perfect light and lenses to make it beautiful! Dream sessions can include multiple features. Want amazing portraits of your young child or your graduating senior? Let’s do it and let’s get some beautiful family shots while we’re at it! Dreaming of a gorgeous newborn session? Let’s capture your first few days in the hospital too! Want a lifestyle session in your home? Let me follow you to your favorite coffee shop when we’re done at home! Going on vacation? Bring me with you (I promise, I won’t overstay my welcome!).

I am looking for ONLY 10 families who want to start building a relationship now and planning for a “Dream Session” in 2017 (between January and April). Why only 10? I am going to invest some serious time and energy and creativity into each of these Dream Sessions! These will also likely be my last 10 sessions before we leave the High Desert!

Bonus: Anyone who books a 2017 “Dream Session” before August 2016 will be eligible to participate in a complimentary mini session this Fall (because your family and friends might actually want one of those obligatory holiday cards after all)! The mini session will be a great time for me to get to know your family but you will also have access to plenty of planning meetings (online or Starbucks style) with me before your “Dream Session”!

If you are ready to start planning your Dream Session, please email marisa@marisamcdonaldphotography for a client questionnaire. I look forward to dreaming with you and seeing all our dreams come true!

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Twentynine Palms Family Photography: Rock Climbing Session
Twentynine Palms Family Photography: Rock Climbing Session
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What a beautiful idea! You are so talented!

Thank you so much Erica!

I love the idea of a Dream Session!!!! I can’t wait to see what creative ideas people have! The smores cookout looks amazing!!!

Thank you Tiffany! The stores cookout was SO fun!